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Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology

Academic Advising


All Freshmen and Sophomores will be advised by Ms. Lora Taft of CSU Advise. Ms. Taft is located in Frank Brown Hall - Rm. 2027. Please contact Ms. Taft at or 706-565-1434 to make an appointment.

Academic advising for Juniors and Seniors are assigned to criminal justice faculty by the first letter of students' last names as follows:

Last Names A - M: Dr. Dorinda Dowis - ( or 706-507-8708)
Last Names N - Z: Dr. Sung-Hun Byun - ( or 706-507-8704)
All Transfer Students, ROTC and PMP: Prof. Bridget Downs - ( or 706-507-8709)

If you have questions or need additional information, please call the Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology at 706-507-8700.