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Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology

Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology

The Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology offers criminal justice programs leading to three outcomes:

  • A one-year professional certificate.
  • An Associate of Applied Science degree in criminal justice.
  • A Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice.

The bachelor's degree enables students to demonstrate a general knowledge of law enforcement, research, corrections, and criminology. Students must take a minimum of 39 credit hours in criminal justice courses in residence at CSU.

Up to 12 hours of credit from professional training academies may be applied toward an associate or bachelor's degree.

The Criminal Justice program also offers advanced professional training and graduate degrees through the Georgia Law Enforcement Command College and the Columbus State Graduate School respectively.

The CSU Sociology program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to educate students about a broad range of topics in the study of sociology leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. Using the latest technological teaching innovations, sociology online courses are easy to navigate, provide multiple opportunities for interaction, and deliver course content in an effective and comprehensive manner.

For more information, contact the Criminal Justice and Sociology Department at 706-507-8700.

  About Us

At CSU, criminal justice and sociology instructors are leading scholars – active in the fields of criminal justice, social equality, community development, and gender studies. We’re committed to fostering a diverse academic environment that encourages respectful engagement, vigorous debate, and opportunity for all regardless of background or identity.

Our curriculum is student-centered, emphasizing creative inquiry, global perspectives, and research initiatives that have the potential to make real-world impact. The BS program is designed to prepare graduates who are ready to serve the needs of their communities and become lifelong leaders in the field of criminal justice and sociology.